Eperimental Poetryfilm
Aspect Ratio 16 : 9
Running Time 03 : 50


Based On  a Poetry
written by
Yara M. Ahmed

Music by
Tsuki D Sureiya

With Voice of
Juwairya Salah

Produced by
Fig Leaf Studio Alexandria

“The Right to Fall Apart” is an experimental short poetry film that attempts to depict the struggles of a body encumbered with depression and anxiety. It explores how we navigate the heaviness of emotional and mental distress.

Burdened by intensities, the protagonist tries to escape to an imagined haven of words, language and images.

“The Right to Fall apart” is one of six poetryfilm Projects produced within an intercultural Program called Lab/P #3 “Identity” hosted by Ostpol eV in Leipzig.

At the program, I got the chance to meet and collaborate with Alexandrian writer Yara Ahmed to produce a short poetry film reflecting how much space that one body is given to be itself, to be not okay in the world that constantly decides what one should be, and places value on one body.

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©Rika Tarigan 2021