Beschreibung meiner

Eperimental Poetryfilm
Aspect Ratio 16 : 9
Running Time 01 : 55


Based On  a Wordsketch
written by
Hubert Schirneck

Music by
Tsuki D Sureiya

Based on the 9th paragraph of Hubert Schirneck’s poetry / word sketches about the city of Weimar Beschreibung einer Ecke, the director tries to animate the cliche of daily life in a non-sense manner and the personal crisis of the constant presence of emptiness in every side of every town.

“Beschreibung meiner Ecke” based on a text written by Hubert Schirneck and was created on a course called Momentum supervised by Aline Helmcke within the Faculty of Media Art & Design, Bauhaus-Universty Weimar Summer 2016

This is the first animated film I ever created.

©Rika Tarigan 2021